Are you focusing your efforts on local Search Engine Optimization? Why local SEO is important and why your business needs to be on Google My Business from Aurora Social Media.

SEO: Let’s Get Local on Google

Some of you may have received my e-mail survey asking you what you’d like to see in regards to Search Engine Optimization (and if you didn’t receive it, sign up on the social landing page here to get future ones!) and a lot of you were concerned about local SEO. If you’re not familiar with local […]

Event tracking is one of the most used goal tracking elements in Google Analytics. On Aurora Social Media I'm teaching you all about how to set it up so you can track specific events that are happening on your website.

Google Analytics: Setting Up Event Tracking in Goals

Did you know that you could set up individual goals within Google Analytics? With goals you can set up a variety of different things to track such as – Events: used to track something like a video play or a download. Destinations: screen/page view (most common type) Duration: as in x amount of minutes or more Pages/Screen […]

How exactly does Google rank Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? What you need to do to get your website climbing up through the rankings and the tools you need to do it with on Aurora Social Media. Icon made by Freepik from

SEO: How Google Ranks Your Website

As you probably already know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in how your website is ranked in the Google search engine. In this post I’m going to discuss some ins and outs of how Google actually ranks your website. While Google uses various methods to rate your website, there are three important factors to […]

Data analysis isn't an option for any business - big or small. Having someone who can help analyze and understand your data can help you make better business decisions. Read why every business needs a data analyst.

Data Analysis Isn’t Scary – It’s Essential

When you hear the term “data analysis,” often times people think of big corporate companies and charts, long (boring) meetings and numbers that they can’t read or understand. But now that everything is online (including some great data analysis tools that are easy to use) SMBs are jumping on board. This is fantastic because now […], What are these referrals and why exactly are they split up in your Google Analytics data? Find out what they are and how to combine them in my new blog post on Aurora Social Media!

How to Combine Instagram Referrals in Analytics

Yesterday I covered how to combine all Facebook referrals in Google Analytics and today I want to show you how to do that with Instagram referrals. But first, a little note on what each of these referrals mean: someone came to your website directly from Instagram. whenever someone clicks an external link within Instagram, they […]


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