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I talked a little bit about backlinks in my link building | SEO post but I wanted to tell you all how it is you actually go about finding if anyone has linked back to you (also called referrals or inbound links). I’m going to assume if you’ve been with me this far then you already have a Google Analytics account (if not – stop what you’re doing and sign up for one right now!). Navigate to your GA Dashboard, as shown below (click any image to enlarge).

google analytics dashboard

From there, head on over to Acquisition –> All  Traffic –> Referrals on your left hand side.

Referrals Google Analytics Inbound Links

There you will see a list of all of your inbound links. Remember, you can adjust the dates in the top right hand corner to see more. If you click on each individual hyperlink you can see exactly where someone has linked back to you. I’m going to click on DottiMedia. If you click the box with the arrow coming out of it it’ll take you to the direct post where your website is mentioned.

Inbound Links Dotti Media Aurora Social Media

I can see that they have linked my Planoly post in their post on How to Share Videos from Your PC or Mac to Instagram.

Planoly Blog Post Screenshot for inbound links

Keeping track of where people backlink to you is important for a variety of reasons. First, because you can use this information to generate more relevant content for your audience. Also, the more high quality websites that are linking back to you the better you are seen in the eyes of Google. Remember, Google relies on three things when ranking websites: authority, relevancy and trust. You can read more about that here. The term “quality over quality” has never been truer than when it comes to backlinking. Having one very high quality website with a high PA and DA and that’s relevant to your website can get you a lot farther than having a hundred backlinks from spammy sites. Google knows that quality and credibility plays a key role in business and we should all do well to remember that too when creating content.

Have you checked your inbound links lately?


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