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Your Business Needs an E-mail List

Living in a technical world where the algorithms are forever changing can be quite the challenge. Recently, I’ve learned to come to terms with The New Instagram (no, they will never change it back) and start figuring out ways to manipulate the algorithm to make it work for mine and my clients’ businesses. But sometimes you just need more and that’s where an e-mail list comes in.

When I used to think of an e-mail list I immediately thought of a newsletter. Then I thought three words: old, outdated, boring. But even though e-mail lists (or newsletters as they’re referred to back in the day) are as old as the internet itself they’ve actually proven to be quite effective (plus they’re inexpensive. Win-win).

So, here is why you need a newsletter for your business:


You do not control Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so if any of them were gone tomorrow, would you still have a way to access all those people you have connected with? Would you be able to reach out and continue to build a brand through them? If you don’t have some way of communicating with them outside your Instagram account (and I mean individually, not through your blog – although that is a great marketing tool), this is a good time to start thinking about that. The great thing about a newsletter is that everyone has e-mail so you’re able to reach them no matter what device they’re on.


Not only should you have an e-mail newsletter in case all these social platforms go away tomorrow, but you should have one because people may not be able to actually SEE your new posts. There are times when I’m scrolling through Instagram and I think to myself,”Wow, I really haven’t heard from so and so in awhile,” and I go to their feed only to see that they’ve been posting twice a day but I have somehow missed it. You do not want any opportunities to slip by where you could’ve been connecting with your audience, gaining clients or giving your audience value. Also, people are busy so if someone is going to subscribe to your newsletter that means that they are investing in you, your company and that, overall, they trust you. That’s another win in my book.


Newsletters work great for compressing all your highlights, discounts, services, and new products into one source directly to your audience. If you do a monthly newsletter, you can do a breakdown of what’s happened that month and what your audience can expect next month – including any discounts, products or services. This is a better method than trying to showcase every little thing on Instagram in hopes that all the right people see it. Also, because you’re able to showcase a variety of things within your newsletter, you’re also able to track its performance to see what’s working and what’s not. Figuring out what’s worked and then using that to improve your strategies will no doubt boost your sales, engagement, and audience, making a happy and productive business.

With all that being said, I would definitely recommend any small business to start thinking about starting an e-mail newsletter. If you need help creating one that is tailored to your biz, contact me and I can certainly help you! We’ll chat about what your goals are, expectations, and what your audience is like so that we can come up with a newsletter that’ll get you noticed:


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