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Instagram’s IGTV

Now that IGTV has been here for a few days and creators are actually taking advantage of it, I wanted to give you all my thoughts on it. If you haven’t seen IGTV pop up on your Instagram yet, it’s essentially Instagram’s version of YouTube. Users can create up to 10 minutes of vertical video […]

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Inbound Links | Google Analytics

I talked a little bit about backlinks in my link building | SEO post but I wanted to tell you all how it is you actually go about finding if anyone has linked back to you (also called referrals or inbound links). I’m going to assume if you’ve been with me this far then you already have […]

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How Link Building Can Improve Your Rankings | SEO

Link building is important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it tells the world of the internet that what you have to say is valuable. When you or someone else links to another website they are saying that page is a good resource which increases that pages credibility. Essentially, the more high-quality links that link […]

Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics: The Five Best Conversions to Track

If you’re a small business, tracking page views and visitors on your site is definitely important, but if you don’t have any goals set up in Google Analytics than you’re not using it to its full potential. I’ve mentioned before that you can track anything in Google Analytics, from who completes a purchase, to how […]

Are you focusing your efforts on local Search Engine Optimization? Why local SEO is important and why your business needs to be on Google My Business from Aurora Social Media.

SEO: Let’s Get Local on Google

Some of you may have received my e-mail survey asking you what you’d like to see in regards to Search Engine Optimization (and if you didn’t receive it, sign up on the social landing page here to get future ones!) and a lot of you were concerned about local SEO. If you’re not familiar with local […]


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