Welcome to Aurora Social Media – your destination for all things regarding social media marketing and analytics in and around the Charleston, South Carolina area. I’m Shree, and I started my business in 2015 as a way to give entrepreneurs the building blocks they need to grow their online business. Here I offer social media consulting and managing, data analysis, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy and online promotions and advertising for small businesses.

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    Account Set-up

    It all starts with a social platform. We can work together to set up an account tailored to your business with your target audience in mind.

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    Social Media Analytics

    Analytics allows you to understand your audience, what they want, and how to strategize your marketing plan to give them the best experience possible. By analyzing the data that comes through your website you’re able to make smarter, data driven decisions to grow your business. I am both certified in Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics. Please e-mail to inquire about certificates.  – starts at $25/hour

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    SEO Strategy

    In order to get noticed on the search engines, SEO needs to be a priority. This means having a blog and using strategic, relevant keywords that tie in with your message and targets your desired audience. For more of why SEO is important please refer to this blog post. – starts at $25/hour

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    PPC Campaigns

    For Google AdWords only. Ad campaigns are ultimately based on the needs of each individual client. – starts at $25/hour


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